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    Comrade Li Zongbao is the main performance of materials


    Li Zongbao, male, born 22 1958 01 months, from the upper Zhen Nan Shao Yi Cun, ShouguangCity, Shandong Province, the masses, Shandong TV University college graduation, engineer, is now the chairman of Shandong Dongbao Steel Tube Co., ltd..

    The comrades politically mature and reliable. Consciously pay attention to improve their politicalaccomplishment, pay attention to the transformation of the world outlook, the outlook on life,establish the correct values and power. A firm political stand, always take place consistent with the Central Party committee, has a high level of political consciousness and political theory level, the work pays attention to the unity of theory and practice. Facing the new situation changes constantlyin the work, the use of the guiding ideology of the party processing problems, solving contradiction.Has the strong organization coordinated ability, grasp the direction of the work of macro, micro and meticulous and thoughtful arrangements.

    The comrades of the organization leadership ability strong, can take charge as chief of work. Has long been in the line of work, the grass-roots work experience, after the job work for many yearsand founded a number of companies, clear thinking, keen judgment, good at communication,organization and coordination ability, good at controlling the overall strong. High theoretical level;assiduously informationization in new business, new skills, with ability to adapt to the newdevelopment of current work in the new situation, the new requirements,; good at rational thinking,with the spirit of reform and innovation, effectively promote the development of the work.

    The comrades of humility, sincerity, decent, rigorous, practical work. It is with tolerance, do not care about personal gains and losses. Treat people sincerely, friendly. Difficulties and problems on the worker puts forward, can take the initiative to help solve, on a difficult to solve the problem can givepatiently explained, shows a good work style and spirit.

    This comrade has strong self-discipline. Make oneself an example, honesty and self-discipline, and consciously resist all kinds of unwholesome tendencies, pay attention to their own good image,insist on taking the lead in life guidelines, those who ask others to do, to do their own first, prohibitothers to do, oneself resolutely do, consciously accept criticism and supervision of the party and the masses, be self-respect, self-examination, self reliant, adhering to and maintaining the party'sdemocratic centralism, a democratic style of work and the concept of the overall situation,concentrate the correct views, unite comrades, listen carefully to the views of staff, staff inestablishing a good image.

    The comrades excellent style. Start from the learning, thought, work, life style and other aspects,strengthen the style construction, improve their own quality. Strengthen thought style construction,strengthen the party spirit, always adhere to the party spirit, politics, integrity, dedication; improve the style of work, adhere to the frontline staff, in-depth, both when the commander, and when thecombatants, with a staff work overtime, with comrades stem, stem to subordinates, give full play to the exemplary effect of.

    The comrades have better ability in politics, always concerned about the international and domestic events, when the National People's Congress of the people of Shouguang City time fully representative of the interests of the masses, to participate in decision-making through centralizedpublic opinion, give full play to the supervision and assistance, and the role of a bridge, the will of the people is turned into the will of the individual, fully observe public opinion. Have their own independent views, and actively with the master identity for people's endorsement.


    The comrades since 2001 to start a business, the spirit of contribution to economic thought in Shouguang, in 2005 August established Shandong Dongbao Steel Tube Co., Ltd., under the correct leadership of his, the scale of enterprises from small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually obtained the attention and support of leaders at all levels, for four consecutive years was named the top fifty enterprises, Shouguang City tax wealthy, civilized enterprise, private enterprise of science and technology. In 2009 by the Yanchang oilfield awarded the "heavy contract, Shou credibility" suppliers; 2010 Dongbao steel pipe and the subordinate company total paid state taxes15010000 yuan, investment in fixed assets amounted to 350000000 yuan. In the enterprise development at the same time, the comrades who are still advocating "rich", getting rich, poor, to serve the community "spirit, always pay attention to, to support public welfare undertakings, to helpvulnerable groups. In 2006, the comrades advocated the establishment of a "Dongbao love"support funds, accounts management, special fund is special. In recent years the cumulativecorporate rescue difficult employees 21 people, aid paid 16000 yuan. As built rural roads, helping poor households, donate, he always grant whatever is requested, loosen one's purse strings generously, show a lofty spirit of entrepreneurs and the sense of social responsibility. This comradehas won the Shouguang Shouguang City, advanced individual title, Kou Zhen Shang Kou Zhenoutstanding contribution award, new rural construction advanced individual title, Shouguang CityCharity Federation awarded the certificate of donation in 2011, Shouguang City, the old modelhonorary title in 2011, Shouguang City, outstanding entrepreneur called number, Shouguang City,the fifteenth session of the National People's congress. In 2012 Sixteenth National People's Congress of Weifang city.

    The chairman introduction


    Li Zongbao, Yamato Hisakohito, male, college degree, senior engineer.

    Shouguang City, advanced individual title mouth town

    Shouguang City Town outstanding contribution award

    The new rural construction advanced individual title

    Shouguang City Charity Federation awarded the certificate of donation

    In 2011, Shouguang City, the old model honorary title

    Shouguang City in 2011 the title of outstanding entrepreneur

    Shouguang City, the fifteenth session of the National People's Congress

    In 2012 Sixteenth National People's Congress of Weifang city.

    Work experience

    In 1983 ---1989 year successive Shouguang six Fung Industrial Company Limited workers, QC,production workshop director, deputy general manager;

    In 1990 ---2000 years Shouguang six Feng Industrial Co. Ltd. in Shengli Oilfield Company Salesmanager;

    2001 - has created Dongying city Dongbao Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. executive director and general manager;

    2005 - Shandong Dongbao Steel Tube Co., Ltd has created the executive director and general manager;

    2008 - has created Shandong Dongbao international trade limited company as an executive director and general manager;

    2009 - has created Shandong fuhaitong Dredging Engineering Company Limited Executive Director and general manager;

    2010 - Shandong has created the Dongbao special tube Co. ltd.;



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